Staff reward and benefits

In today’s business environment, organization after organization is adding benefits to their employees. There was a time when there are specific and standardized rewards offered by the organization in terms of cash. Now things have changed, and organizations cannot simply satisfy their employees by giving them financial benefits and benefits.  The reward and benefits employee receives from their organization improves motivation, job satisfaction, self-esteem and ability to perform better.  An organization can give a reward to their employee in a number of ways; some of them are listed below.

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Lunch with top management- Very few employees will get a chance in their life to sit with CEO/President/Chairman at a lunch. Give a chance to you employee to sit with you on a lunch, to better understand you in an informal setting.

Parking Spot- There is always a parking spot in every office, some of the organizations designated special parking lot for CEO/President. Reserve a parking lot for the best performer as it is one of the best rewards for an employee.

Books- As a reward, you can help your employee to improve their mastery in any subject; you can offer digital audiobooks and eBooks to your employee.

Work from home- Working from home is one of the greatest rewards employee can get. If you have a sound infrastructure that a supports and allow an employee to work from their home, this gives flexibility and autonomy of work to an employee.

Gym Membership- A gym membership is a great way to help employees to maintain their physical and mental health. A healthy employee can achieve its personal as well as organizational goals efficiently.

Early Release- Think back to your old school days, and remember the joy of early release. Ask you best employee to leave the workplace early and spend time with family and friends. Rewards like these are important because it allows the employee to give ample time to their friends, family, and relatives and becomes more loyal to the organization.

Happy Hour- Happy hours are one of the most efficient ways to reward your employees. The main purpose of the reward is to get everyone together outside the workplace in a more relaxed and natural setting. An employee feels more relaxed and stress-free and gets away from the tensions of daily official work.

Team Lunch- It is always a better choice to go out for a lunch or dinner with the teammates. Moreover, a team lunch allows the team member to know each other and enjoy each other company in a different environment.

Travel- If you have more than one office, offer your employees an opportunity to spend time in different office, it is a great way to break the boredom of the daily routine. It is a reward for those employees who may never meet each other to forge valuable relationships.

In the news- Tell your local newspaper about the performance of your employee and run a press release. When the news is published in the paper, get the article frame and give it to your employee as a reward.